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“Mark Walsh has more breadth of experience than anyone I know in the embodiment field, which makes this a passionate, authoritative and damn useful little book for anyone wanting to get a sense of what it’s all about, or get some inspiration for an already established practise. Worth reading for the deeply personal stories and poems woven through, too.”

– Adam Barley, founder of ZeroOne movement practise

“Mark is the boldest embodiment facilitator out there.”

– Adam Wilder, founder of the Togetherness Festival

“Mark has a special ability to make embodiment work relevant and accessible. This down to earth book is inspiring & informative to anyone with a body and an interest in engaging it to make this world a better place.”

– Arawana Hayashi, Co-Founder of Social Presencing Theater, Presencing Institute

“Mark has a vision, and also has the energy, and drive to make it happen. His commitment is to help everyone return home to their body. This is a huge undertaking. This books gently informs you and surprises you as you begin to do your part.”

– Betsy Polatin, Movement and Breathing specialist, and author of ‘The Actor’s Secret’ and ‘Humanual’

“Mark Walsh is one of the most committed embodiment learners and teachers I know. This book is an authentic, heartfelt treatise and handbook for how to live a more embodied life. Highly recommended.”

– Curtis Watkins, Somatic Coach

“Human development involves our full body, mind, and heart. Mark is completely committed to the fullest expression of who we can be, with nothing left out.”

– Diane Musho Hamilton, Zen Master, meditator, group facilitator

“This work is a valuable asset to how we navigate life. Practical, applicable, to the point and makes us consider who we are and the effect of our place in any community.”

– Gary Carter, Yoga and Anatomy Teacher

“Mark Walsh springs Embodiment to life with passion, irreverence, and grit. It makes a body want to celebrate!”

– Ginny Whitelaw Roshi, CEO Institute for Zen Leadership

“Although explicitly a technical book, in reading it one senses that Mark has lived his understanding from the inside out. The content of the book itself is his own embodiment. Brilliant!!”

– Guy Sengstock, co-founder of Circling 

“This book is a potpourri of ideas and personal reflections on the concept and nature of embodiment. Mark Walsh fertilises our sense of being, who we are and how we connect to each other and the planet. He brings an honesty and perceptive thread to the discourse on inter-corporeality. This book has a richness of scents and resources for those of us with a thirst to dwell in our subjective bodies as a way of becoming.”

– Professor Helen Payne, PhD, Registered ADMP UK, UKCP, University of Hertfordshire, Author

“Mark has written a down-to-earth accessible classic that’s much needed in our often numb world. Let’s face it, sometimes he is a twat yes; but I’m an ex rock star and this book is marginally better than groupie sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll.” 

– Jamie Catto, film-maker (One Giant Leap), author, workshop leader, ex Faithless singer

“Mark Walsh brings an informed, passionate perspective out into the world. His down-to-earth musings, and targeted checklists, especially for facilitators, generate easily digestible food for thought and a call to action. Even though our social/political opinions diverge significantly at moments, we share a mutual focus: the liberation of the body and its full expression in society.” 

– Jamie McHugh, Somatic Movement Specialist and Artist

“Accessible, pithy, and engaging, captures Mark’s distinctive voice, a compressive overview of such an invaluable subject.”

– Jayaraya, Buddhist teacher, writer and Mindful Communication blockhead, dude, guru coach trainer

“Embodiment is a beautiful example of how much strength and wisdom lies in vulnerability and connection to oneself and others. With mastery, infectious joy, and deep passion for the topic, Walsh takes us on a journey to the home that we have always lived inside, but perhaps never truly entered. Our bodies. Equally as important, this book reveals how the practice of embodiment is a direct path to healing and transforming the body we all share, this world. Fun, accessible, fresh, while still grounded and full of profound insight, Embodiment is a must read for all humans.”

– Jessica Graham, Author of Good Sex: Getting Off without Checking Out

“A brilliant book, distilling decades of embodied exploration with a unique blend of wisdom, wit, irreverence, and humour.”

– Joel & Michelle Levey, founders Wisdom at Work, authors “Mindfulness, Meditation, and Mind Fitness”

“Mark Walsh is much more than a writer, he “walks the talk” of embodiment with courage and humility. This book is as refreshingly honest, provocative and insightful as the man himself. Highly recommended to anyone engaged in the subversive act of reinhabiting their own bodily truth.”

– John Cremer, author of “Improv” and “The Art of Reading People”, Speaker of the Decade – The Academy of Chief Executives

“I love Mark’s book! It is not a treatise but a poetic call to remember what it is like to be embodied. The mixture of the lyricism with clear educational practicality is exactly what is needed to get people to return to the body as opposed to just thinking about it.”

– John Vervaeke, Psychology and Cognitive Science Department, University of Toronto, Author of Awakening from the Meaning Crisis

“Mark has written both a scary book and a profound book for everyone who has a body. The scary part will expose you to how disembodiment happens and the consequences, the profound part will guide you to becoming re-embodied as well as pointing out all the benefits that accrue when you have done that. As someone who’s been engaged in this work for the past three decades, I can say you won’t find a more direct or simple manual on how to re-engage your body.”

– Joseph Riggio, cognitive scientist, Master NLP trainer, designer of the MythoSelf® Process

“Reading through Mark’s book was for me like sitting in nature for a day: some quiet moments, some raucous ones, and glimmers of gold. Mark’s depth of practise and experience alone make me want to read what he writes, and this particular form — a short book with digestible bits for “chapters” — makes it a gracious entry point for those wanting to explore the subject.”

– Liam Bowler, host of The Body Awake, bodyworker

“This book is a concise yet profound gem of clarity and inspiration. The must-read book of the year in the Embodiment field. It offers a compelling, well informed, humorous and, at times poetic, feast of “tapas” to delight all appetites. Mark’s practical wisdom has helped deepen my own embodied leadership and I highly recommend this powerful work to every other leader.”

– Dr Lynne Sedgmore CBE, former CEO of Centre for Excellence in Leadership, Debretts 500 list of UK top influencers 2015, leadership coach and spiritual retreat facilitator, Interfaith Minister

“Mark’s reflections may seem raw or controversial for some readers, but he is coming from a place of deep grounded humility here. The nature of human failings and frailty are explored and the wisdom of deepening one’s awareness from a position of courage and strength rather than teetering on the edge in a ‘safe place’ is detailed.”

– Margaret Gill, MCSS Craniosacral Teacher and co-Author of ‘The Inner Power of Stillness’

“Mark Walsh offers a comprehensive overview of embodiment that is practical, and empowering. and offers a platform from which this emergent field can and will continue to evolve. Embodiment is exciting, passionate, and useful!” 


– Mariana Caplan, PhD, MFT author of Yoga & Psyche: Integrating Yoga and Psychology for Healing

“Mark has decades of experience in developing practical activities and principles for discovering embodiment. He has generously shared them in this easy-to-read yet expansive book.”

– Martha Eddy, Director of Dynamic Embodiment

“Mark’s writing is perfectly aligned with who he is and how he teaches: forthright and honest, clear and helpful, fearless and with plenty of heart. His reflections offer both direct instruction for a more embodied, empowered and enlightened life, and an impactful, personal account of his own deepening transformation through the practises he teaches, and has made the centre of his life.”

– Martin Aylward, meditation teacher and author

“Mark is by turns challenging, insightful and compassionate in his writing and coaching of embodiment. For the martial artist, his approach will give you tools, strategies and a clear path to better understanding the true nature of Martial Arts: to, “know thyself”. This book is highly recommended.”

– Matt Hill, Systema instructor, author, aikido sensei

“Perhaps the greatest sickness of our time is the disconnection between body and mind. Not only does this affect our health and wellbeing, but it disconnects us from our inner nature and the natural world around us. We don’t need to look far to see the grave consequences of this. Mark clearly highlights these issues and gives the reader some great pointers towards re-connection and embodiment. This book will give encouragement to anyone who has a body.”

– Michael Kern, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, founder of the Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust, and author of ‘Wisdom In The Body’

“No other person has had a bigger impact reclaiming “embodiment” for the mainstream as Mark Walsh. In his new book, Mark compassionately shares embodiment with a dis-embodied world, in a way that is pithy, personal, and profoundly relatable. Mark makes embodiment as accessible as reaching around and grabbing your own ass with both hands. I say get this book and cop a feel!”

– Miles Kessler | Meditation Teacher, Aikido Sensei, Director of The Integral Dojo

“This offering is less a book and more a string of pearls. It is a series of one-page essays and poems that explain how cruelties arise out of body numbness. Ironically, people often adopt disembodiment as a way of not feeling the pain caused by disembodiment. What is new and important in Mark’s book is his courageous description of his use of embodiment practises as part of his own work to heal his childhood traumas.”

– Paul Linden, aikido 6th dan, author, founder of Being-In-Movement Mindbody Training

“Mark has established himself as a significant player in the world of embodied movement, and in this book we can understand why. Part autobiography, part discourse, he uses cameos from his life to illustrate how we become fragmented and also how we can become whole again. Through poetry, bullet points and occasional streams of consciousness he provokes, implores, and cajoles us to move, feel and respond fully to life. The world can change from the inside out, and Mark is helping us with this change.”

– Peter Blackaby, yoga teacher, author of ‘Intelligent Yoga’

Embodiment is very much a cut-the-crap book, charged with poetry, iconoclasm, personal anecdote, and a passion for helping us all recognise the sacred aliveness of the body’s intelligence. If you feel disconnected, if you yearn to return to a deeper truth in your life, pick this book up and welcome its provocations!”

– Philip Shepherd, author of ‘Radical Wholeness’ and ‘New Self, New World’

“Mark Walsh’s work on embodiment is a profound mindset shift, a recognition of the body as the site of being and an extremely well-articulated and rational guide to how to reconnect to the body. Mark’s work has provided an invaluable guideline to how to generalise insights from physical practise to life in general that has been incredibly valuable for my own work. I had been friends with Mark for years before I attended his course, I knew him as an irreverent, confrontational, lighthearted and brilliant character; but discovered his teaching was far more powerful than I expected. I am super grateful for my friendship with Mark and the deeply enlightening work he is sharing with the world.”

– Rafe Kelley, founder Evolve Move Play

“Classic Mark Walsh! A collection of decidedly irreverent pithy, probing critiques of our culture-wide dissociation from our bodies. Enjoy!”

– Roger Walsh (no relation), MD, PhD, author of ‘Essential Spirituality: The Seven Central Practises’

“Mark is a man of big vision and powerful intentionality for bringing the great benefits of embodiment into the world. I am grateful for this offering. Enjoy!”

– Russell Delman, founder The Embodied Life School

“Our times are wild, wonderful, weird and warped. We are both the luckiest people who have ever lived and the most alienated, confused and overwhelmed. A “consensus trance” dumbs us down, but we can awaken from it in many ways. None is more immediate and tangible than awakening from the pervasive illusion that has so many lost in thought, imagining the body radically separate from consciousness and all that is sacred. Mark Walsh recognized this as an enormous opportunity, and he has seized upon it with zeal, gusto and wide-ranging intelligence. In Embodiment, he gives voice to a joyous, angry, sensual war-cry — the body ferociously reclaiming its primacy in a disembodied world.”

– Terry Patten, author, A New Republic of the Heart, co-author Integral Life Practice

“This book offers a comprehensive view of the embodiment territory. The stories and suggestions range from raucous and racy, to tender and touching. There is food for thought and a plethora of helpful hints for student and facilitator alike.”

– Wendy Palmer, author of “Leadership Embodiment”

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